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How to get backlinks in 2018? 3 Ways to Get free Backlinks (3 Ways)

How to Get Quality Backlinks in 3 Smart Way 2018

How to get backlinks in 2018? 3 Ways to Get free Backlinks (3 Ways)
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On November 9, 2019
Last modified:June 11, 2020


It is a very common question “how to get backlinks?”

If you’ve read something about Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing or studied about Search Engine Optimization You’ve come, at least once in the term “backlink”. I will talk now about how to get backlinks free to your website.

Actually a backlink is, simply a link from another website to yours. Backlinks can also be called hyperlinks, building links, inbound links, incoming links, or only links – all mean the same thing.

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It is universally truth that backlinks still an important factor in ranking on Google. When your content earns a lot of these high-quality backlinks that hit three important signals of the classification number of backlinks, link authority, and link diversity. Unit area of backlinks a popularity contest and therefore the web site with the largest number of votes get shown more often. I’m aiming to tell you now that the development of backlinks.

Here at Afogwish, We have been learning about Digital and long SEO marketing and one of the frequently asked questions and the issue discussed here is the construction of backlinks. No matter what, apart from SEO OnPage, backlink plays a vital role in the ranking of your website.

3 Ways to Get Free Backlinks

I know that your burning question of backlink. Probably, have asked many times, “How to build backlinks to my website or how to get backlinks for the best SEO results?

Comment Posting:

Commenting on the blog, it is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks from a website, new or old. Normally, web sites will allow you to publish your web page with a text box on the comment that you are going to write. Everything you need to do is put on your website and write a useful comment on the content of the article on the blog.

Forum Posting:

Now you can use forums to increase traffic and better visibility of your backlinks. Forums publish is an interesting technique for SEO Off-Page that not only helps you increase web traffic but also increase your web site backlinks as well.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging has numerous benefits. You can promote your website and get referring to traffic. That’s known as an expert in his industry and most importantly, you can build backlinks with guest posts.


  1. A very nice list of ways to build links. I think link building is an important aspect if we want to grow the traffic. But i think content should be given more importance especially if the blog is new. Without content links would do no good.

    This list however gives almost everything that one can do for link building. Advice’s from shoutmeloud are always good which is also proved by the fact that articles of shoutmeloud always rank top of the google search, this article too was ranked first.

    Thanks for this comprehensive and wonderful list.


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