SEO internet marketing 10 Dominating SEO Trends for 2020

seo internet marketing

10 Important 2020 SEO internet marketing Trends You Need to Know

The competitive market is growing simultaneously with the increase in the number of new websites, so it’s better to update your content marketing strategy and SEO tactics. The website of a company must fulfill precise necessities set by Google and this point where SEO tactic becomes significant. This blog post covers the top ten dominating SEO online marketing trends for 2020 to get your website discovered flawlessly in the search engine results.

Secure web applications

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It seems that website security is an issue that has nothing to do with SEO, however secure web apps are crucial for enhancing user experience. seo web marketing if your website is using http and a user visiting your site sees the message ‘not secure’, then it is more likely that the user will leave the site. This leads to the high bounce rate of your site which has an adverse effect on organic search listing results.

So it is necessary to use https (website runs on a secure server) rather than http for your site. As per Google norms, https provides users a secure, encrypted, and authenticated connection that prevents hackers from stealing any user information. So the user information collected via a form on your web page remains safe and you also retain user’s privacy.

Voice search optimization for website

Voice searches have become a popular trend in 2020 due to the rise in the number of smartphone users. Google seo Voice-based searches are not just confined to mobile phones but voice search optimization of your website will generate more web traffic and hence you get more leads.

More than half of the total internet searches will be voice-based in the year 2020.  So your SEO strategy should be to implement conversational searches wisely.

Snippets dominate more search clicks

Featured Snippets generally appear above the first search result which drives more than 50% of search results clicks. So take advantage of featured snippets and provide comprehensible replies to frequently asked questions on your website. These snippets are raked to the top position by Google depending on their quality. Process of SEO in digital marketing it is one of the most important SEO trends for 2020.

Rise in influencer marketing

People are often confused by invasive ads and they are looking for trustable information with positive reviews. Customers are more probable to interact with a well-familiar personality rather than with an advertisement.

So an influencer partnership will enable you to intensify your content reach and produce much more web traffic to your site. Influencer marketing also helps in building more backlinks which are very important for the ranking of a landing page of your site.

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Mobile UX will be a dominating factor in rankings

Seo internet marketing A user-friendly mobile version of a website is a must because numerous smartphone users surf the web through their mobile devices. Mobile UX should be fine enough to grab people’s interest. It’s a well-known fact that nearly half of the e-commerce global web traffic is generated from mobile devices alone.

There are several reliable mobile app development companies that have developed fantastic apps providing great user experience. You can also hire reliable mobile app developers in India to get the desired app built for your purpose at quite reasonable rates.

Publish quality content

The web pages having high-quality content of appropriate length are rewarded with more organic traffic. Seo internet marketing the content should be in-depth enough so that visitors get all answers to FAQs and their specific needs. So regular publication of fresh and high-quality content on your website will boost the ranking as per Google’s ranking algorithm.

AI is the novel standard

At present, Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most significant technologies which are being utilized in various domains to generate unique and modified experiences for customers. Even Google uses AI to deliver superior search results that enhance user experience.

AI now becomes on the new norms in Google algorithms. It automatically classifies the web pages and decides their rankings with great accuracy.

Quick loading of website

A website and all its pages must load quickly or else visitors will abandon the site. More loading time decreases your conversion rate, so less loading time of website (1 or 2 seconds) is a must other than quality content to hold the attention of visitors. The quick loading time of a website continuous to be trendy in 2020 and is crucial in determining rankings.

Information through videos

More people prefer to watch online videos rather than television and this has made YouTube extremely popular. Besides entertainment, internet users also like to access information for educational purposes. So businesses should incorporate online videos in their brand promotion strategy. Seo internet marketing a new SEO strategy should be to optimize videos for search results.

Your priority should be on brand building and for that, you have to disseminate information about your brand on social channels.

CTR and dwell time are important for ranking

Nowadays, people have easy access to high-speed internet connections.  Email and website click-through rates (CTR) along with dwell time (time spent by a user on a web page) are important factors that count for the success of your SEO efforts.


The SEO trends alter each year and it is necessary to remain updated with the latest trends. Implement these above-mentioned SEO trends for 2020 to rank your site higher in search results and earn good business.

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